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Welcome to Nature's Nest!

Welcome to Nature's Nest!

Here at Nature's Nest in Londesborough Ontario, we blend our own bird seed on the premises to ensure quality, freshness and affordability.  Our mixtures are formulated with seeds to entice your favourite feathered friends.   

 We are a family run small business who prides ourselves in satisfying our customers with quality bird seed without any fillers.

 Bringing enjoyment and tranquility to your backyard is important to us. From cardinals, to bluejays and woodpeckers, we can help attract many wonderful colours to your backyard.

Our New Mix Has A New Name!

Our New Mix Has A New Name!


                      After a lot of contemplating, we have finally decided on a new name for the new bird seed mixture.  The new name is......SWEET TWEET.  The person that came up with that great name is Barb Dale.  She will receive a 10lb bag each month of Sweet Tweet for 1 year.  It sure was difficult to pick since we had so many awesome ideas sent to us.  Thanks to everyone who entered the contest.  Stay tuned for more to come.



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